Volume knob physically doesn't stay at designated value

CorOS Version: 2.0.1

Describe your issue:
When I turn the volume to e.g. 80, it ‘springs’ back a bit, in this example to 79. As if the knob is made from rubber/elastic inside.

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Step 1: turn knob to any value
  2. Step 2: let go
  3. Step 3: it immediately doesn’t stay at that value, it goes one up or one down.

I expected this to happen:
When I turn the knob to a value, I expect it to stay precisely at that value.

I have tried the following things:

  • I have tried updating the firmware to latest, but I think it is a physical problem with the button.

The QC hasn’t been used much, hasn’t suffered anything either.
It was ordered Apr. 7 2021 at Thomann.de and received by me on Aug. 18 2021.
I tried contacting support@neuraldsp.com a couple of weeks ago but I have not heard back.

Kind regards

I think this is a very rare occurrence but have you tried to backup and do a fresh factory reset and restore yet? That should solve the issue but regardless, since you have reached out to support already, I escalated directly to support. Thanks!

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Mine does the exact same thing.

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I just did a factory reset, but the problem remains.
It really feels like it is a physical problem with the button, not digital.
Please let me know what can be done about it, since I now have to re-initialize the device.


DM me with your email and I will forward to support. Thanks!

The volume knob pulls off. Wonder if putting a felt bushing under it would help?

@TonePilot Are you sure it pulls off? Did you try it? I tried briefly but it feels very tight. I think I don’t want to mess with it too much, and have NeuralDSP take a look at it.

Hi, haven’t done this myself but others have. Sorry it didn’t come off easily. I also checked my volume positioning and it doesn’t move from where I leave it.

@TonePilot Thanks for checking and info.

@MP_Mod I have not yet heard from support…

That’s odd, they indicated they have reached out. Check your spam/junk folders and I will escalate again. Usually NDSP support is really quick to get back.

@MP_Mod No, sorry to say there’s no message in Spam either.

FWIW the volume knob on my unit does the same thing @Kjeld described. The actual knob is moving back slightly after being released. You can see it in this video if you watch closely:

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@Max Thanks for visualizing this!

Hello! Seba here from support. We usually answer emails on the same day. We don’t have any messages from you on support whatsoever. I just checked both email addresses you provided via Discord.

Can you please try sending an email to support@neuraldsp.com again? Thanks!


@SebaPinilla I just resend the message from my gmail account.


Mine has less than 1 month and does the same thing, have you figured it out what to do?

Eventually it was returned for repairs and they fixed it. I followed the above instructions.

Damn… last time i sent a pedal to thomann for repair they shipped it after two months. I guess i’ll keep it broken

Just contact Neural DSP directly at support@neuraldsp.com . I think i got it back in under two weeks or so.

Thanks, gonna try with them