Vocal plugin?

Any chance we’d see a plugin specifically for vocals? In the meantime, anyone use the existing plugins for mixing/processing vocals and have success?


Well you can build a nice vocal chain with eq, compressor, reverb, hall… but I agree something dedicated would be nice. I would be thrilled to have something like the multivoicer effect from Tim Henson plugin.

You can also try an amp or distortion pedal with bandpass filter in your vocal chain for a “telephone”/“megaphone” effect. That can be pretty cool when done properly.

Yeah, agreed. I’ve gotten some pretty good results with the compressors/EQs, reverbs, delays, even using just the amp heads without the cab which is too thin for most guitar sounds but cleans up a lot of mud from a vocal track. But yeah, there are other things that matter on vocals that don’t matter as much on guitar like de-essing or pitch correction that I use Nectar for that none of the Neural ones do today.

I don’t think de-essing is necessary for live performance but I agree that it would be nice to have! Same with pitch correction but I think that is not very probable to be implemented. We should practice more so we don’t need it :smiley:

Yeah, for live performance it’s a little different, but for recordings things like de-essing and pitch correction are just great tools to have from a workflow perspective. Like, sure I can de-ess manually with a regular EQ, but having targeted technology for that just saves me time. Same with pitch correction. It sucks to get a great take and then find there’s one note that just slightly too flat to sound good. I can do another take, but I’d rather just save my time and patience lol.

I have the same approach to pitch correction. Great tool to use when you need to save slightly off-key take with great feeling.

In this case I would just record dry vocal and do all the mixing in the DAW. Automatic pitch correction is rubbish anyways. And if you have already ton of effects on the vocals the post-production pitch shifting is problematic.

By the way good to see somebody is using QC for vocals as well :smiley:

Ah, I think I misled you, I’m actually using the plugins for this; I don’t have a QC yet. That said, yeah, that’s basically what I do. I have fairly decent pitch, so the corrections are usually pretty minor. I actually run an instance of iZotope Nectar that just pitch corrects the dry signal, and I do all the effect processing later in the chain with various Neural plugin instances. Seems to work alright. The actual effects and stuff though I just like way more out of the Neural plugins than what comes in Nectar. I don’t know how to describe it. Something about the way the Nectar presets EQ makes everything sound muddy and the effects aren’t very natural sounding. I’d love to just load one plugin in my DAW for everything vocal processing.

Great idea, i like Howard Benson’s created a vocal plugin