Victory Kraken Model

I’ve been messing around with this and is it just me or is the focus switch the wrong way around? When it’s off, it seems like there’s less bass and more focus and when it’s on there is more bass? Just wondering if anyone else has come across this? Maybe they got it the wrong way in the model?

I think it is backwards. I saw on discord someone (unless it was you) mention the same thing. I tried it out tonight. Sounds amazing but yeah it does the opposite of what I would expect.

Thanks. So I’m not crazy. It wasn’t me on the discord.

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Yeah, turning it on adds bass (and seems to make it less tight). I’m not familiar enough with the real map to know exactly what was supposed to happen.

Yeah, the amp model has the focus switch function backwards haha. The model does sound good though

Actually, using the Kraken Ch1 model and EL34, it sounds correct to me. I use the setting without the focus for chords, and with the focus for solos.

And the amp sounds so amazing (organic and just right) that I am replacing all Marshall-type amp models that I have used in my presets with this!


Yeah, I’ve just built a new preset with all my tones (clean to lead) using the Kraken Ch 1 model. I’ve shared it on my cortex cloud account. Video walkthru coming soon…


Thanks, will check it out.

I think this is one of, if not the best sounding high gain amp model on the QC.