Neural DSP Set up for live playing

Hi everyone, what Interface or equipment would I need to use Nolly with my MacBook Pro going Straight to our PA?

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I have a Quad Cortex and Helix, so I don’t use computer plugins for live playing - but I have in the past using S-Gear. I do however use plugins in Logic Pro for rehearsal - the whole band runs through Logic Pro using multiple plugins for bass, two guitars, keys, MIDI drums, all vocals, etc. See Using a DAW for band rehearsal for details on how we do this.

My original setup was an Apogee GiO into a MacBook Pro with S-Gear running stand alone. The GiO provides the audio and MIDI interface and 12 footswitches. But reliability was always a problem. First the USB connections aren’t really gig hardened. It’s too easy to step on a cable and unplug the interface. Second, MacOS is a bit fussy about audio and MIDI interfaces, updates and sleep/awake can cause issues. Its not a huge problem, that GiO is old and still works in MacOS 12.2. But it takes some effort to keep things working. This is still my backup rig at gigs. We use an X32-Core with SD16s, I can plug my guitar into one of the HiZ inputs and use any Archetype plugin in the MacBook Pro we use for running the PA. I’ve never needed to do that, but its there as a backup.

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