Using a clean boost in fx loop?

I would like to use my EP Boost pedal in one of the loops as a clean boost to help leads cut through the mix and I like the color it adds as well. The problem I’m having tho, is that it’s not boosting my volume, but rather overdriving my signal. Any suggestions on where to put the loop and how to configure it for what il trying to accomplish?


why don’t you capture it?? You’re probably clipping the fx return

That makes sense. I used to use the Atomic Amplifire modeler, and the fx loop worked perfectly with the EP Boost. I have captured it, but I usually am performing in scene mode, and rather than switching scenes, it would be nice to have an easy one/off one button pedal for my boost. I have read a few posts asking for a hybrid mode, which would probably work pretty well, but not really an option at the moment.

Booster pedals as such are not very usable with modellers, due to the gain staging of the digital headroom. However, if you disregard the boost itself, their colour and distortion properties are useable - as said above, maybe as captures.

depending on what you’re doing, you could also run it after the QC. I’ve been thinking of doing this with bass (just for my stage cab) because the QC output level just isn’t that high and even my 1000W power amp is barely enough to hang with the band because of it