QC Effects loop question

I run my empress reverb and delay (echosystem) in the loop (mono). I thought i would try controlling the mix on the QC by maxing the mix knobs on the reverb and delay, and assigning my expression pedal to the mix aetting on the fx loop block.

When i bring the mix down on the QC block, around 80%, there is a signficiatn volume boost compared to 100%. Does anyone know why?

Also, anyone else using an empress reverb in the FX loop? What are your send and returns set to on the QC?

Don’t really use my FX Loop so this could be wrong, but I wonder if this might work. Set the ‘Mix’ = 100% on the FX Loop, and then test for unity volume by bypassing the FX Loop block. Adjust the ‘Volume’ knob on the Empress Echosystem until you have unity volume when flipping the FX Loop block back and forth from active to bypassed. And then test changing the mix using the expression pedal. Just guessing though.

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Yeah everything is set to unity already, that’s my confusion lol.

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Test your expression pedal on a volume or gain block while the loop is bypassed for a sanity check to see if you are getting similarly wonky behavior there.

If you haven’t already, I would recalibrate (and save) my expression pedal on the swipe-down I/O page.

Volume pedal operates as normal, its is a volune bump on the effects loop block. Even without the expression pedal, just manualy dropping the mix on the block, volume boost is present.

Setting the FX Loop to 100% aren’t you pushing the “wet” mix too high? It happens to me on delay blocks (same path as amp) - if I set mix to 100% the volume perception is lower because I’m making the wet more pronounced that the dry mix from the amp block.

On QC around 80%~82.5% is where I get same amount of dry/wet and yes, get a BUMP in volume perception because dry signal is FULL on again…

This is my experience with delay blocks, don’t know if the same applies to FX Loop block as I don’t use it.

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The send and return / FXloop blocks do indeed boost the signal. Check out this lengthy thread for more details QC numbers report (latency, send levels, etc.)

Just set the gain to the corresponding negative values on the blocks and you should be at unity again.