Clean boost pedal

I recently bought a Quad Cortex and i explore it every day.Sounds are really awesome.
Is it possible, , as a future request, to add ti the existing effects a transparent clean boost pedal, as an emulation of a Carl Martin Hydra( for instance),that increase only the volume ( and not the gain) of my differents presets ( i use my Cortex on Hybrid mode). Thanks.

You’ve got a few options here already. You could either:

A) Insert a gain block (which is not the same as increasing the gain on an amp model), or an EQ block with a boost (midrange, for example) where you want to increase the volume, or…

B) Do a capture of your desired clean boost pedal in order to retain its sound, or…

C) Check out the “Exotic Z Boost” overdrive block, based on the Xotic RC Booster.


Have you tried any of the ODs at 0 gain? Several models, like the Myth and Nobel and Red, impart a nice thick boost without added grit at 0 gain setting.


Ive captured my BAE 1073 DMP for this intended purpose. Its available for download.


Yes, there are several clean boost captures to download for free. I added a capture of my RC Booster on a very clean setting. There are many others.

The Mythical OD can be a clean to edge of breakup boost with the gan low and the volume up. It sounds great in front of a clean Fender amp.

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Thanks a lot for your answers.With this I have downloaded 2 captures of clean boosters, and it works as well.