Clean boost pedal

I recently bought a Quad Cortex and i explore it every day.Sounds are really awesome.
Is it possible, , as a future request, to add ti the existing effects a transparent clean boost pedal, as an emulation of a Carl Martin Hydra( for instance),that increase only the volume ( and not the gain) of my differents presets ( i use my Cortex on Hybrid mode). Thanks.

You’ve got a few options here already. You could either:

A) Insert a gain block (which is not the same as increasing the gain on an amp model), or an EQ block with a boost (midrange, for example) where you want to increase the volume, or…

B) Do a capture of your desired clean boost pedal in order to retain its sound, or…

C) Check out the “Exotic Z Boost” overdrive block, based on the Xotic RC Booster.


Have you tried any of the ODs at 0 gain? Several models, like the Myth and Nobel and Red, impart a nice thick boost without added grit at 0 gain setting.


Ive captured my BAE 1073 DMP for this intended purpose. Its available for download.


Yes, there are several clean boost captures to download for free. I added a capture of my RC Booster on a very clean setting. There are many others.

The Mythical OD can be a clean to edge of breakup boost with the gan low and the volume up. It sounds great in front of a clean Fender amp.


Thanks a lot for your answers.With this I have downloaded 2 captures of clean boosters, and it works as well.

Not sure why no one has mentioned this yet - but you can simply use any of the EQs kept flat with a boost in volume. Best clean boost out there! No capture needed.

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The gain block does the same thing and was suggested earlier. No point in using an eq if you only want to boost volume

That wasn’t the point. There were several other suggestions made also, and I was surprised that no one mentioned EQ as it has a lot more flexibility in creating a clean boost by balancing the output frequencies. Gain block isn’t the end all be all approach.

Often a simple gain block causes frequencies to peak output. Great example, using the Dlx Reverb that tends to boost the bass frequencies when using gain or volume blocks while increasing overall volume. You can adjust the lower frequencies while giving a volume boost and not overdrive the output signal with these lower frequencies.

Lots of ways to do the same thing in QC - really depends on many factors.

EQ was mentioned in the very first answer.

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I was responding to the suggestion of using an EQ kept flat and simply stated that a gain block does the same thing as a flat EQ.

Isn’t there a way to keep a scene output volume at, let’s say, -6b and then, when changing scenes, make that volume -3db? I mean on the output block itself.

Yes, this is possible, but this thread is about boosting the guitar signal before the amp, not about boosting the overall output level.

I read on the original post “,that increase only the volume ( and not the gain) of my differents presets”, so I thought it was the overall volume of the preset and not just the amp.

Oh, you are right. I just assumed that clean boost pedal would mean before the amp. Well then, you probably don’t want a “pedal” after an amp. A gain block or scene controllers attached to output level parameters would be the best option.