What cable do I need for connecting my QC to a Seymour Duncan power amp?

I’m using a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 to run cabs, but what type of jack cable do I need?

I assume some kind of TRS jack? If anyone can recommend the best thing or else I’ll just be running standard jack guitar cables :sweat_smile:

I’m the only guitarist in my band, so will be looking to run 2 cabs on stage at once (1 left + 1 right).

I’m just using normal TS jack cables with the 700 currently. I’m coming out of the effects sends though (so I can have pre and post cab outputs on the QC).

I don’t believe those outputs or the inputs on the PS are balanced so normal jack cables are fine. I think it;s only outputs 3/4 that are balanced, but if the inputs on the PS aren’t, then there’s no benefit to balanced cables.

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Thanks mate - I wasn’t sure what I needed; Anderton’s gave me mixed advice so thought I’d ask here.

I’ll run standard TS at practise and see how it goes!

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I suggest using one of the effect send outputs, which are unbalanced. Use a regular TS guitar cable into the 170. The 170 is designed to be at the end of a pedal board so it’s expecting the unbalanced TS connection.

I use the effects loop for my Helix HX effects which runs my MIDI commands and on stage tuner - so I’ll just be using the output from the QC to the power stage

TRS will give you 6db more than TS.

It’s more important that the SD powerstage receives TS so that is a must. There are three options: 1) straight TS, would recommend if you don’t want to make things complicated, 2) TRS to Reamp Box to TS to Poweramp (best for quality as you’re doing proper conversion) 3) straight TRS (just don’t do this).

:rofl: wat
Please show me the science behind this miracle.

it’s in the manual.
Using TRS (other gear HAS to be balanced inputs too) will give a 6db boost when using OUTPUTS 3/4.


Fair play, I take it back. Apologies @paul.leertouwer

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