Use Splitter/Mixer between Rows 2 and 3?

Currently a Splitter/Mixer path can be created between Rows 1 and 2 and
between Rows 3 and 4 exclusively. I’d love to be able to have a path between Rows 2 and 3.

Maybe it’s a hardware limitation due to how the processor cores work, but if you are able to select the Output Block on Row 2 to send to Row 3, I’m hoping with a software update you’d be able to use the Spitter/Mixer between these rows as well.

I’m running my entire band on the QC (2 Guitars + 1 Bass). Since my guitars are more CPU hungry (having hit limitations with greyed out amps/captures) I’ve made my grid as follows with better CPU results:

  • Gtr 1 on Row 1
  • Gtr 2 on Row 4
  • Bass on Row 2

I’d love to be able to add a splitter on Row 2 and 3 because I want to process a Bass DI signal on Row 3 and bring it back into Row 2 to blend the DI/Amp as one.

My first attempted workaround was to ‘tap’ into Row 2 using an Effects Loop block routed to Send 2, physically plug a TRS cable from Send 2 into Ret 2, set the Input Block of Row 3 to Ret 2, process “DI” signal accordingly and set the Row 3 Output Block to the same as the Row 2 Output Block with the “Bass Amp” signal. Immediately heard distinct tonal differences that I can only amount to being phasing from micro amounts of latency that may be introduced from going out of the system and back into it. I actually tested this theory by having nothing but an FX Loop Send on one row and a Gain block on the other row, and just flipping the phase. Whether a Bass guitar signal or a sine wave, the signal never nulls, so something is definitely going on somewhere along the chain from it being sent out and coming back in. My ‘control’ in this test was setting both Rows 2 + 3 to the same Input and Output, with one Row having the Gain block and flipping phase. You guessed it, it nulls 100% and confirms my send/return phase shifting test. This isn’t really a big deal if I were using the FX Loop as…an FX Loop, but because I’m combing my signals it’s causing phase issues. Since Bass guitar has lots of low end information these phase issues are much more audible.

Seeing as the null test worked for my ‘control’, my better workaround was to just load up Row 2 and 3 with the same Inputs and Outputs and copy/paste whatever effects needed to come before the ‘split’. So both Rows had identical Gates and Compressors, and from there it was processed differently as Amp/DI respectively. I even did another null test with these effects on and it worked! The only downside is having multiple blocks of the same exact thing, which eats up a little CPU. And then of course, there’s no way to process the combined signals if say I wanted to add a soft limiter or some modulation at the end of the chain.

…anyway, I’d love a Splitter/Mixer between Rows 2 and 3 please!

You can route the output of row 2 to the input of row 3. Its one of the selections in the lane output menu. Did you try that?

Indeed, that is possible, but that doesn’t achieve what I’m looking for. When you use the Split/Mixer you’re able to process your signal independently and bring it back in at another point in the chain, and that’s really only one of the many ways and reasons to use it. In my case what I’m trying to achieve is taking one Bass guitar input, split it, process one as a Bass DI and the other as a Bass Amp signal, then mix the two signals into one output.

I can do that on Rows 1 & 2.
I can do that on Rows 3 & 4.
I can’t do that on Rows 2 & 3.

I want this on Rows 2 & 3 because I have CPU-hungry Guitars on Row 1 and Row 4 and this is the best way to utilize the two processor cores.

I don’t mean connect row 2 to 3 with a splitter - indeed that isn’t possible. I mean select the row/lane 2 output menu and scroll the menu all the way down to the bottom until you see Other Lane 3. That connects the output of lane 2 to the input of lane 3.

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Right, but the feature request I’m looking for is to connect row 2 and 3 with a splitter. Running row 2 output to row 3 input just makes the chain longer and doesn’t give me the results I need.