Upload snapshots of presets to cloud

I’m new to this whole framework but this does not appear to be available as far as a I can tell.

My request is to be able to upload snapshots of presets to the cloud.

The AxeFx III editor allows for this, and it works great.

Being able to save the current state (snapshot) of the tone you have is a quick and easy workflow. It allows you to make (and keep) edits on the fly, without the hullaballoo of Save As and Renaming and choosing a directory.

Hi @elta and welcome to the community! Yes, you can upload individual captures of amps/drives etc., as well as upload presets that contain captures and scenes to the cloud. The QC doesn’t use snapshots but uses their form of scenes as one of the three modes (e.g. stomp, scenes and preset etc.)

Thanks for info.
I’m confused still. I thought captures were profiling real world amps and gear. I don’t use those.

So how would we store our on the fly edits to the cloud?

Are you saying we somehow need to store the scene and that stores all the settings as they are rather than the saved state?

Presets include a signal chain of amp models, fx blocks, IRs, cabs and I/O settings and scenes which can be saved simply by uploading a newly saved preset to the cloud or you can backup your entire QC to the cloud etc.