Download preset but capture 'no longer available on cloud'

Has anyone else had this happen? I download a preset and the block for the capture has a caution symbol on it and the text below says the capture is no longer available on the cloud…

Yeah Aaron Marshall has a preset with one of his Morgan amps captured and the amp capture isn’t available.

Currently when you download a Preset, it does not automatically download any Captures that were used. You have to download them separately. This is being improved in an update so that Presets automatically download the (public) Captures used.

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Why do we have to ask permission from an uploader of a patch or capture via “following?”

If the uploader is placing a patch on a public forum, shouldn’t anyone be able to download it?

Unless i’m “doing it wrong.” If so, please accept my humble apologies and post a step by step.


I don’t think the system is making it so you have to ask permission for the sake of preventing you from getting the capture per se, it simply isn’t automatic that the capture is included in the downloading of the preset. They are separate files sometimes not even from the same user.

Apparently that is going to be changed soon so any public capture used in a preset is downloaded when you download the preset.

I has asked to follow the uploaded and they had to then follow me (which, to be honest, is not all that interesting). This was for patches not captures.