Unofficial Discord

Wazzup fellas

My name is Simo (TRITA on discord) , i’m from Italy , im 39 , i created a server on discord to discuss Neural DSP stuff , if you like the idea i can post the invite here and on the fabebook page. I saw that you guys doesnt have an "official"one , i just thought it will be a nice concept to expand the knowledge of this great community of users.
it is possible to textchat , post links and music , upload and download files&presets and most important voice chatting in real time to ask for assistant , help or just for have a nice conversation etc… i also sometimes played the guitar in the voice channel to jam with some backing tracks with some friends…just sayng that it has a lot of possibilities.
I can leave you the invite so you can just look at it , its just bare bones now.
if you think that is a good idea
It would be useless if only a couple of guy are interested but if i see there are a lot of you guys i will leave the invitation here and on facebook.
tell me what you think


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Thanks to the guys who start to enter the server , i would be awesome to have Douglas Castro or Steven Ward and the others admin in the future to join it maybe for some live podcast or Q&A.

It’s NAMM time , they are very busy i assume in this period , but everyone is welcome.