Unacceptably high CPU load with higher buffer settings

I have some bad CPU issues when using Cory Wong. I first noticed after I raised my buffer to begin mixing. I always raise my buffer to the maximum when I start mixing for obvious reasons.

When my buffer is 2048, Cory Wong has bad CPU issues.

When my buffer is 256, Cory Wong CPU seems OK.

At 2048, when I open the Cory Wong GUI, the CPU jumps from say, 5% to say, 40%.

LatencyMon says I’m good.

My CPU is a modern powerful machine: Intel 9900k.

I run the latest version of Ableton Live 11.

I run Windows 10 latest build.

I use the high performance power plan.

I have USB suspend disabled.

I run a RME UFX interface with the latest ASIO drivers.

Like many people, I own a TON of plugins and none of them have this issue.

CPUz reports normal operating temperatures.

I see a lot of other threads in this forum complaining about CPU issues, and many or most of them have no resolution, which is disconcerting.

Any ideas?

Bumping this. Any thoughts?

Hey, @jbone1313. Our dev team is already working on this, along with several updates for other plugins from our catalog.

Thank you for your report.