Unable to Locate Ultra in Garageband

I did a quick search in trying to find my answer before posting my question. My apologies if this has already been discussed at length. Today, I made multiple attempts to download Ultra from my Mac Pro, which was to be used in GarageBand. It appears to d/l successfully, but I’m unable to locate it in my DAW. I have been using GB for about a year now and have never really had this type of issue. Can someone kindly tell me what I’m obviously doing wrong? I sincerely appreciate your help. I’ve been a bass player for almost 30 years, but have very little experience in working with DAWs. Thank you!

I’ll leave this thread open for a few days in case any other Garageband users can help troubleshoot, but I highly recommend contacting support directly regarding this via email: support.neuraldsp.com/

That being said, Garageband is one of the DAWS that isn’t fully compatible with Neural DSP plugins, so your success may vary: DAW Compatibility