UK Power supply

Hi all,

Tomorrow I’ll be receiving my QC. I ordered it in the UK at Andertons and apparently it comes with a specific UK power supply only. I live in the Netherlands so that’s an issue for me since we use a different plug. Can I safely use a EU travel plug to power my unit with the inlcuded UK supply?

Kind regards from the Netherlands!

Hi @jorisd and thanks for the question. I saw your post on Discord as well and would recommend to email to be 100% sure.

In addition to the UK plug, you’ll get these two. The one on the right will work for you, won’t it?

All three came with my QC, received from GuitarGuitar in the UK a couple of months ago.

Yes; this is what comes from Andertons as well. It’s not UK specific & will work in the EU. Do note though that it’s a rather flimsy PSU with a lead that’s too short so many people choose to replace the PSU with something aftermarket anyhow.

Maybe neuraldsp will make a better power supply for the Quad Cortex?

Hi @jorisd , looks like you got the confirmation you needed. Please email if more PS details are required. Thanks!