Types of captures

I just made my first captures in the Quad Cortex. I’m a bit confused about icons. There is a red combo amp icon and a blue amp+cab icon when choosing the type of capture. What’s the difference in terms of classification? From a digital standpoint is there any difference between capturing a guitar head plugged into a mic’d physically separate cabinet compared to capturing a combo amp with a mic on the built in speaker? Because in each case aren’t you capturing the sound of an amp and the sound of the mic cab in one capture? I’m in the process of capturing my favorite kpa profiles and want to correctly classify them.

The captures cover all possible creations (e.g amp only (no cab), amp with built in cab (combo), amp with separate cab, drives etc.) and not everyone uses a mic. Some use mics and some use load boxes with cab emulation. The more detail you can provide the better etc.

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There is no difference between capturing a combo amp or an amp and cab with a mic other than the difference between the two devices. Combo amps often have open back cabinets while amp + cabs don’t Use the icon for amp+cab for both since that’s what you’re capturing, regardless of how they are physically combined.

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That makes more sense. I’m in the process of migrating from KPA to Quad and am capturing my favorite kpa profiles. I’ll probably just put them all under amp+cab so they stay together, as all were mic’d, whether the cab was part of a combo amp or not.