How do I know what is a direct capture and what captures include speakers?

I had assumed that this was what the classifications introduced in 2.0 would have clarified, but now I am not so sure.

I had assumed that:

  • “Combo” meant, the capture of a combo: Amp & Cab
  • “Amp” meant the capture of an amp: Amp & no Cab
  • “Amp+Cab” meant, well… and amp & a cab

With this mindset, I assumed that “Combo” and “Amp+Cab” were captures that included the cab within the capture, and “Amp” wither meant an amp head, or a combo amp with a bypassed cab.

However, I feel I might be incorrect with these assumptions. Do these classifications have ANYTHING to do with the capture being direct or not? If not… what is the purpose of them? Is the purpose literally just to let the player know what the physical amp looked like? I hope not because, quite frankly, that is absolutely worthless. I dont care what style of amp it use to be. It’s all digital, the only differentiation that we need to care about now is weather it’s a capture of (1) a direct amp, or (2) the capture of an amp and a cab.

This came about when I was going through Neural’s factory HRD captures and couldnt understand why these “Combo” captures sounded so terrible… as if they didnt even have a cab. Then I found out that these captures DID NOT in fact include a cab. So either (1) there is no way to label a capture as including or not including a cabinet, or (2) my initial assumptions, above, were correct but the HRD is merely miscategorized in the QC

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Is it just the HRD and Tone King caps? I think those are the only 2 listed as combos in the Factory Captures, but I’d agree that they seem to be DI caps of the amp only, and still need a cab added. Maybe they’re just listed as combos because they literally/physically are, but were captured direct without cabs somehow?

It’s definitely confusing to have introduced the capture categories and but listed these 2 ‘incorrectly.’

They definitely need cabs. I added a cab and the HRD sounded great.

I am leaning toward the classifications relating to the actual physical amps… at least for Neural’s factory captures… who knows what people are going to do with the captures they upload

Same problem here, especially with combo capture downloads from the cloud. I have absolutely no idea how to recognise if a capture was made with or without the speaker. Comments sections are almost always empty (maybe they should be mandatory) and the capture’s names are sometimes very cryptic.

Or did I overlook something?