Two Notes IRs

Has anyone ever tried to use Two Notes IR’s with the QC? I just recently picked up a QC to replace most of my pedal board and I have a bunch of IR’s that I bought for the Two Notes Torpedo CAB M+. I have so many good cabinets that I would love to try out on the QC.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

It will not work.

ML Sound Lab lets you set up your cab and mic placements how you want it; then you can export the IR to a standard text file and use it in the QC.

Two Notes doesn’t do that. Their proprietary DynIR system includes non-linear stuff like room reverb and is designed to work with Two Notes gear only.

I have several cabs in my Two Notes license that I would love to download into QC, but I can’t.

EDIT: If you’re recording, you can record the QC with no cab block into your DAW, then run the Wall of Sound plug-in on it. No issues there.