Turn wah pedal off in Scenes

Hi guys,

I’m using an preset with a wah in it - the wah is always off in all the scenes and I activate it using the expression pedal.

What I want to happen - when I switch scenes the wah turns itself off without me having to click the expression pedal again - that way it’s less dancing.

How can I achieve this? Thank you!

Have you tried setting the expression bypass to stop?

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in the Wah block click the scene tab or double click?? and set it to off in each scene.

In the expression pedal assignment page of the wah block.

There are several ways to approach this:

One approach, as @Bando pointed out is to assign the ‘Bypass’ parameter under the expression pedal assignments and then press the little green dash above ‘Bypass’ and set ‘Switch On’ = ‘Stop’. This means anytime you are not moving the wah pedal, the wah block will turn off.

Another approach of course is if you have a wah with a toeswitch, you can set it up to switch on the wah when the toeswitch is depressed, again using the ‘Bypass’ assignment but this time set ‘Switch On’ = ‘Switch’.

The approach you may want to consider (at least until expression pedal assignment is enhanced in a future firmware) is NOT assigning the ‘Bypass’ parameter under the expression pedal screen. This means that you will NOT be using the auto-engage function for the wah. Instead, just assign the bypass button in the wah block (not expression pedal) to scenes. Save all scenes except the one you want to run the wah in with the wah block bypassed.

Using the above method, you will just switch to a scene with the wah block enabled. If you are using the expression pedal for both wah and volume you will need to bypass the volume block in the scenes where you are using the pedal for wah. One caveat, the volume will instantly revert to unity (full) when you turn it off and the wah on. Yup, that is one of the drawbacks of this method and an area where the firmware needs enhancement.

Lastly, just to describe the issue you were probably running into. Right now, you can either assign the bypass button in the wah block to scenes, OR, you can assign the bypass under the screen for the expression pedal set up. Once you assign the bypass auto-engage under the expression pedal screen, it overrides the per scene assignment of the wah block. If you have the wah set to auto-engage with Bypass → ‘Switch On’ = “Heel-Toe”, the expression pedal position will be recognized across scenes. That means once you activate it by coming off the heel position in one scene, it will be active in all scenes until you depress it back to the heel position. Regardless of the fact that the scene was saved with the wah bypassed.

Good synopsis!
Hopefully 2.0 doesn’t render all this obsolete.
The one thing we’ve heard for sure is that it will let you choose the “scene revert” behavior so that may help in this case.