Ticking noise from QC coming from speaker

Hi, i use the QC at home and run it through a bose L1 Pro 8 PA system. A lot of the time I am getting a ticking noise (think a clock noise) coming from the speaker. Its there when i plug head phones in and the QC not connected to the PA. If I connect a guitar direct to the PA there is no ticking so its def the QC. Ive turned everything off in the room such as wifi, mobile phones, bluetooth etc but nothing seems to work.

Do you get that noise in the QC with no guitar plugged in? It could be something your guitar is picking up in the room. Do you get it on an empty patch? It could be something in the patch, a modulation that’s pulsing.

Hi thanks for the reply. Ive done further investigations and there is faint ticking if the guitar is plugged into the PA direct. So seems like the QC is just amplifying it and is not the root cause. Seems like the electric guitar is acting as an aerial/antenna for whatever it is causing it. I dont think i get it with an acoustic. Have checked the guitar for earth problems with tester and its fine. Driving me nuts.

@martindavidson261170 - If you haven’t please email support@neuraldsp.com and they will be able to help you troubleshoot. Thanks!

Do you still hear the noise when the guitar is plugged into the QC but the guitar’s volume control is turned all the way down?