The most powerful floor modeler on the planet!

hi all. I sort of like the Quad. But worry its so far behind. the capture side of things seems good, the unit seems sturdy. the effects don’t seem very good. And still no editor. im sticking with it because I think it has a future. My main grief is that isn’t it supposed to be the most powerful floor modeller on the planet. if so why can’t it seamlessly switch between presets. Even a Helix floor can do that now!

“Quad Cortex is the most powerful floor modeler on the planet. With 2GHz of dedicated DSP from its Quad-Core SHARC® architecture, this ludicrous amount of processing capacity provides limitless sound design possibilities.” to quote Neural. Im hoping its just a software solution as the hardware is the best on the planet!

That’s a pretty valid question… i don’t have an answer for you other than to say that many FX Processors with much less power are capable of switching presets with little to no discernible dropout or latency… i have a Mooer GE300 which does it, and i wouldn’t think it’s got anywhere near the processing power of the QC

Im assuming the software needs some optimising!

The gap between Presets is an inherent consequence of having a fully-flexible routing grid. Blocks on the QC can be arranged freely, both in series and parallel, therefore the number of possible routing configurations is insanely high.

You can achieve gapless switching in Scene mode, and the power & routing flexibility of QC allows you to add multiple amps, time effects, etc. and toggle between them to get completely different sounds. Devices without gaps have a pre-determined signal path with vastly fewer possible device configurations.


Agreed. Having been a Helix user before, you just have to change your approach. You can achieve the results you want on the QC, just working with its design.

For example, my live gig patch simultaneously has 3 amps and a vocal processing chain. Having 8 scenes means I can hit 4 gain stages (clean → heavy) with both rhythm and lead for each. I can hit anything I need live with one step. This is not something I could achieve with the Helix because the seamless switching is up/down one step only.

Plus, to me its all about the tone. Nothing matters more. For high gain tones, there is no comparison. My Helix has never been plugged back in.

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Im sure you are all right - but this is hailed as the most powerful and a vulgar display of power. clearly not! Helix can do everything you say and the Kemper can seamless switch and thats ten years old. Don’t get me wrong though I’m in for the long haul with the cortex. I just don’t believe the hype about the power!

Dan describes it pretty well above! I’ts about chosing betweena flexibility or simplicity. There is some rethinking needed compared to the referred legacy units, learning to use the power and flexibility of the scene mode.

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There may be some confusion between absolute processing power/dsp and power of optional routing etc vs a considered power that isn’t necessarily power related?
I believe that as far as pure power ie processing power it is the highest one going?


Be patient, I never thought I would give up my tube amps. I am a P&W player and those familiar know how volume in a worship environment is a problem. I run a stereo setup. A VibroVerb and a VHT Leed 40. The tone I got was the best I have ever gotten. I was pressured into a floor unit. Two of the other players have Kempers. Which honestly just didn’t do it for me.

I’ve made a good living designing pedal mods and I have a couple of pedals I’ve also designed. So the ability to capture pedals is the reason I bought the QC. I’ve captured my tube amps and pedals and the results are stunningly good. Is the QC the best at present? For me, yes. Depends on your needs. The QC is in its enfantcy. But it’s a great start! The effects are okay. I want a reverse delay! I also want a computer editor. I am confident that will happen.

The QC isn’t for everyone. But for me personally it’s perfect. It will only get better with time. The future for the QC community looks bright. My advice. Enjoy the ride. It’s going to be awesome!