The limit of gears

I’m trying to use QC for stage so far.
The sounds good and I captured some my gears sound really good to me.

Now,I’m standing on the edge of the QC’s limit that has come really fast.

I put 3 neural capture and 1cab then a digital delay and hall reverb.
I can not use any hall reverb and some delays and more…

but I checked CPU section and It says 33% CPU using…

what’s going on this??
Does anyone have any ideas for this??

Use the other paths. Each path is a processor. By spreading the items over multiple paths the layout you have will work. It is simply taxing the first processor.

You can only have one reverb on path 1/2, and one on 3/4. The exception is Spring Reverbs. Neural has their DSP team working on changing this so you can have more.

thank you for good info!
I understand it.

Are you spreading those blocks across multiple rows?

Now I did it and other question is coming.

I want to set the signal path for “wet dry wet” on QC.
Stereo wet signal is separated after cab(even I wanna put eq and filter after cab then) go to row3/4

So now,I wanna use clean, crunch,dirty captures and fazz,wah,wammy,pitch,chorus,phaser,flanger,comp,gate,etc for gapless program changing with using scene mode.But the first grit can set only 8 gears and It will be 4 after put 3 types of amp and cab because I’ve already used first mixer for separating wet dry.

I have no idea to use scene mode with “Wet Dry Wet” setting now.
Does anyone have better ideas?