Run out of presets

Run out of presets
I want to keep the ones I have… possibly I don’t want to keep some of the onboard neural captures and in future may choose to fill my quad with classic amps… to railed my unit completely to my taste.
Is there a way that we could have more than one backup on the cloud… flip flop between different tailored quad units…
Or double tge ammoung of user presets minimum.

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You should be able to create another account (different email etc.) and backup / restore to that. It would be like buying a QC used and creating a new account on NDSP. Flip flopping between should only take changing back and forth between accounts and restoring etc.

Thankyou, I did not think that might be an option. Downside might be having to re find all your downloaded captures.
I hope they add more user preset slots. Tgat would be a bonus. Cheers for the reply

Glad to help!
Also, in that aspect you should also be able to share all your presets/captures between the two accounts / users as you see fit which would be pretty cool.

Technically, you could create another email account (just for NDSP use) that is registered with NDSP which you could share with other owners who do the same. You could then test drive others QC entire presets/captures etc. This is giving me ideas that I might pursue if it would work that way.

Personally, I don’t think I will ever need over 256 presets and it would probably be a pain to manage currently etc., I would also validate with NDSP via email support that you can have more than one account tied to a QC. Cheers and Happy New Year!

Ideas indeed buddy! Happy new year to you and thanks for expanding on my questions​:+1::+1:

How in the heck did you run out of presets?

“Presets allow you to create and save custom
rigs/signal chains for later use by using device
blocks. Quad Cortex Presets are organized in
to Setlists, which can contain 32 banks of 8
Presets (256 in total). You can create up to 10

That’s 2560 total possible presets.

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Maybe we have just been taught a lesson in how to make a humblebrag post on the neural forums :sunglasses:

Honestly gents!
Honest mistake. I have disability and eye sight issues. May have made. Error in understanding unit I had not realised there where further banks
Thanks or not laying in too hard. Feel like a twat for posting before fully checking

Yep… I missed the add new set list button
I have ised 256 presets tgat I want from various other people and my own.
Thanks for pointing out missed opportunity.
All the best , happy new year!

hey, it could happen to anyone. I only realized how to make new set lists recently and I’ve had my QC since May. I’ve not created as many presets as you, though :).

Now I organize them better, though.