Temple audio boards

Hey guys, hope you are well and happy friday.

I have recently moved from Fractal FM3 to QC and I was thinking of replacing one for the other in the temple audio board that I have.

With the FM3 I had to take out 4 screws and replace them but ones slightly larger to fit it to the Temple audio and avoiding velcro so the unit could ventilate properly and avoid over heating.

I wonder how you are setting it in your temple audio boards, any advice of what to use or if screws the dimensions, will be much appreciated.

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I’m using a Trio 28 board, two large plates and one medium plate, avoiding the ventilation slots. Works great so far. Didn’t have to mod the QC at all, or remove screws, etc.

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Thanks dude , much appreciated!

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I moved from the FM3 to the QC , i am using dual lock it works great allow to run some cables under the QC on the custom temple audio Solo 13