Switching between amp channels ? Normal and Overdrive

I’m really into the SLO-100 normal crunch amp right now and wish there was a switch to go to the lead channel.

What would you do? I can put the 2 amps (normal & lead) in the same preset and footswitch them in stomp mode…or make 2 different presets. Am I missing another, better way? I want the overdrive without using OD pedals…just the amp.

edit I guess this applies to any amp. Like what if you want a clean, low gain version of a Princeton and a cranked gain version next to it? It’s awkward in stomp mode to turn off one amp, then engage the other. Maybe the footswitches could be assigned so if you hit one it turns another off.

First, yes - you can assign one stomp to multiple blocks such that a single button press will turn off a set of blocks and simultaneously turn on a different set of blocks.
Second, you have Scene Mode to switch between more compicated configurations, i.e. change parameter values. For example: Scene A - amp gain set to 3, bass to 5; Scene B - gain to 8, bass to 3.
In particular, this will also do what you want: Scene A - amp 1 on, amp 2 off; Scene B - amp 1 off, amp 2 on.


Oh sweet! Time to learn all about Scene Mode. Thanks!