Switch between multiple scenes with one footswitch

I think having the ability to switch between multiple scenes with one footswitch would be super useful, especially when a hybrid mode becomes available. I was watching a video on YouTube by Johnathan Cordy (awesome YouTuber btw) and saw that the Helix does this with “snapshots”. He does it around 6:38. I thought it would be cool if possible. - Play SYNTH PADS on HELIX and FIRE Your Keys Player - YouTube

If I understand correctly, that could be done with different presets. Say preset 1A in hybrid mode is three scenes and three stomps, preset 1B is the same preset but with three different scenes but the same stomps. Or am I out in the cold now?

Basically the idea is to have one preset, like for example the factory preset of the synth sounds where each footswitch is a scene that changes the pitches to make a different chord, I think it would be cool of you could cycle chords (scenes) with one footswitch instead of having to use all 8 footswitches (one chord per each scene).

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