Assign foot switches by scene or preset

Could we have the option to assign footswitches by scene instead of preset? I am so frustrated by 32 effects slots and 8 switches! If I could at assign the footswitches by scene it would add a great deal of flexibility! I can save all the other information by scene, how about footswitch assignments too?

What do you mean exactly? There is a scene mode which sounds to me is what you are looking for? Or am I mistaken?

I could be wrong, but the way I read this, the OP is asking if footswitch assignments could change from scene to scene. For example, footswitch A might be assigned to a distortion block in one scene, and a flanger in the next. You can’t currently do that.

Kind of a cool idea, I can see it being useful. I do agree that some additional explanation or an example added to this feature request would make it clearer.


Honest opinion summed it up perfectly! (Thank you!) Being able to assign foot switches by scene add way more flexibility! This combined with my other post requesting 8 “virtual switches” (not tied to a physical button, but midi addressable like the current hardware buttons) would really be great and seems to be a pretty straight forward code to write since both those functions - assignable footswitches and external cc footswitch control - are already programmed into the current OS.

It looks like a good idea.

Maybe a little confusing to use, but it’s just about getting used to it.


Thought about it and had an idea that’s probably a little bit more manageable while playing live instead of having to switch the mode you are in, switch the scene, and switch the mode again:
Pages for switch assignments. Let’s say you have 4 (or any other number) of pages one could go through by e.g the up and down switches. That would make 8 times 5 stomp / scene assignments with just one “klick” to switch between the pages.

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