Swap USB Input 1/2 to 3/4 to send audio from iPad to Output 3/4


I would like the possibility of sending the default audio from an iPad or iPhone to the TRS outputs of the Quad Cortex.

This could be solved with a switch like there is for swapping USB Output 1/2 to 3/4.

Alternatively it could be a switch to route USB Input 1/2 to both Output 1/2 (XLR) and 3/4 (TRS).

There is currently no way to route default audio in iOS to USB 3/4.

In my particular usecase I most of the time have an iPad connected to the QC and would like to play back from Spotify or YouTube to my FRFR cab that is connected to Output 3 (TRS) while the XLR outputs always are available for connecting to a PA.

Do you specifically need USB for this? Are you doing something with MIDI or something else that requires the USB connection?

A data + aux multiport adapter would still allow a connection to the QC for audio/data/charging AND send audio directly out to the FRFR via the aux port

Yeah, I should have mentioned that I use MIDI as well from the QC to the iPad. Two of the footswitches sends MIDI to ForScore to turn pages.

But in your solution, do you mean to bypass the the QC entirely and connect directly to the FRFR?
The amp I use only have one input, so then I’d need a summer pedal as I have used all the analog inputs on the QC already.

I’d like to keep the signal chain as simple and flexible as possible. Sometimes I’d like to send audio from the iPad to the XLRs and sometimes to the TRS outputs. But nine times out of ten it’s to the TRS outputs along with the other instruments I have connected to the QC.