Strong Noise after Shutdown or restart

Guys, I’m connecting my QC to the XLR outputs directly on the HS8 monitors. When I turn off the QC or restart, a huge noise happens and it doesn’t stop anymore. How can I fix this? The Software is at version 2.0.1. Thank you very much

it’s a common and well-known behavior

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Always turn your speakers off before you turn off anything that is plugged into them.

This should be standard practice for anyone that has ever used an audio device of any kind.

always BOOT THE QC FULLY BEFORE plugging in any outputs and you wont have this issue.\

When you turn OFF the QC it will start making that noise again, so either pull the power cord out or remove the outputs before using power button to turn off QC and you wont have this

this is like the 4th time i have had to explain this on different threads, does no one search forums before asking questions?

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