Strategy on Using the Quad ONLY in effects loop

Hi there. While I dig the amp and cab modeling, my amps sound better for the sound I am after. Is there a way to disable all of the amp and cab blocks on the presets so I can test the quad core purely as a multi-effects pedal?

You would simply build each preset with the desired FX blocks but there is not way to ‘disable’ all amp blocks in all the presets.

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Is there a way to copy the presets so that I can make the changes permanent? God bless you if there is an API I can use to automate this :slight_smile:

If you don’t want any amp or cab sims just delete them, you can also copy your presets to a new bank and have 1 preset bank for amp+cab sim on and another present band for the same presets but with the amp+cab’s off.

There’s no way of mass disabling them I’m afraid, but I do the above 2 separate banks for this live

I’m not at my QC right now but I think there is a way to globally turn off amps and/or cabs per row. You should check the global options on your QC and in Cortex Control.