Unity volume on FX Loops

Before the 2.0.0 update, I use to have to turn the send down to -4.5db (approx) to get unity volume between FXLoop and no loop.

Now it seems to be at unity with standard 0db send…

Is this improvement coded in the 2.0.0 upgrade ?

Was this a 1.4.1 bug that was sorted due to resetting/upgrading ?

Just curious… (if anyone from NDSP can tell me)


thank you for noticing that!! I have it set as a default was defo gonna miss that before a gig

I was going to try this out today since my experience was similar. Super psyched now.
Want to use some external mod pedals!

Right , just tested again with outboard gear and I’m still getting the same as before the update
A boost
Only difference is that for me went for 4.6 to 4.8 and the behaviour is diferent.
(With ts cables)

Diferent levels tho, went from 1.4.1:

Send boosted by 3db
Return boosted by 1.6 db

Now I’m getting 2.0
Send 4.5db
Return 0.3db

My bad…

My send on the IO screen was kept @ -4.5db.
So that’s why I had unity.
I thought it would have defaulted with the update.

So, basically, same as usual : Send @ -4.5db for unity with FX Loops…

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For those that are still experiencing issues in regards to levels being off, please email support@neuraldsp.com so they’re aware. In the meantime, adjusting your levels in the I/O settings will work as a temporary fix.