Split at the end of Row

I want to do a serial routing:
Row 1 > Row 2 > Row 3 > Row 4.
Why the last block of row1 and 3 was lost?
Please make available the “split” to the end of row1 and 3

This is way overdue for fixing. Can be worked around, but this terrible bit of routing design has persisted too long. 'Cmon and fix this already. It’s like a poke in the eye every time I use the splitter for a serial route.

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I did a related feature request here: Split and Mix/Merge on the Same Spot
Maybe we can merge?

Kinda the same issue as mine here : Possibility to send Row 1 output to Row 2 input (and not just Row 3 as it is now on OS 2.0.0)

If we had an output from row 1 to row 2, that would solve the problem.

While we’re talking about splits and merges:


why??? sometimes that single little block can be extremely useful…