Why can't I start a split after the 8th block on Row1 or Row3?

I am on firmware version 1.40. I am trying to run a serial route from the last block in Row1 to the first block in Row2. I don’t currently see an option on the QC to set the Output block on Row1 = “Row2”. If that output option existed, it would eliminate the need to use a splitter. However, since that option isn’t on the QC yet, it appears that a splitter must be used to connect the two rows.

The thing that seems strange or even buggy to me is that I cannot start the split after the 8th block in Row1. The furthest right a split that runs from row 1 to 2, or row 3 to 4, can be positioned, is to the right of the 7th block. Effectively rendering the 8th block position on Row1 unusable in this scenario. Yes, I can place a block in the 8th position, but it would be OUTSIDE of the split/merge. The same limitation applies when trying to run a serial route from Row3 to Row4.

Maybe I am missing something. It seems like a basic routing element is missing from the QC that would allow us to just select “Row2” from Row1’s output block, and “Row4” from Row3’s output block? Barring that, compelled as I am to use a splitter to join two rows, why is the splitter not able to start after the 8th block in Row1 or Row3? Why should using a splitter in essence “maroon” the 8th block on rows 1 or 3?

Also, why does my splitter screen only show two types of splits available when the splitter on the fellow’s screen who does the Neural DSP videos, shows four?

How to Use Splitters & Mixers | Quad Cortex Video Manual - YouTube

This is by design - though I really wish it wasn’t. I think it has to do with the processing layout of the hardware. Maybe it’s something they can change

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Thanks for the response! Also, in reference to my final question, does everyone else’s splitter only show two split options rather than the four displayed on the splitter screen in the Neural DSP video?

I’ve asked support about this and got the same answer, its by design. But I don’t see how the 8th block should be any different than the 7th block for splitter routing. End result is you effectively loose 2 blocks out of the 32 possible blocks.

I have not found a way to work around this.


Also, a recent update removed 2 of the splitter shapes that were shown in the older video. You can still configure the split that way, it just wasn’t necessary to show them

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Thanks for the response. Suspected it was a firmware version prior to when I received my QC but the confirmation is much appreciated.

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Hopefully they’ll delete some of the obsolete videos. There’s a lot of old info out there that causes some confusion