Sometimes nameless loses output sound

Ok,so i’m running logic x on an imac i7 with 40GB RAM.I got a session with several tracks and instances of Nameless.
Sometimes,when i press playback,one channel suddenly has no output like it was muted.
When i open Nameless and switch back and forth in between presets it works again.
Is it a bug or is it my session causing this problem?

Hello @matthias.ganster. Which audio interface are you using? Can you check if it works again when moving the Oversampling switch in the Plug-In?

There should be updates for Nameless and NTS very soon.

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Hi gonzalo,
I’m using the scarlett 6i6 1st gen.The Oversampling switch thing helped.Changing to a bigger buffer size did the trick as well.i monitored my Processing Threads in Logic during playback and when 2 processors maxed out, the nameless muted itself.
so i guess it’s my high cpu load causing the problem,not the plugin itself

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