Soldano SLO-100 in Cubase 13

Hi everyone at NeuralDSP forums,
I recently bought a Soldano plugin but it results to be blacklisted in Cubase 13 on my Apple Silicon M1 max pro MacBook; I can only use it - and Archetipe Plini - in Rosetta mode, but I loos the possibility to use Plini-X as well…
Any hope to have SLO Silicon compatible in a (next?) future?

All plug-ins are Apple Silicon compatible now. Make sure you’re running the latest version of the SLO.

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HI @DiffractionCircuit,
thank you so much for quick answer! I’m missed Neural emails about upgrades…
One more question: Plini X is a substitute por ‘normal’ Plini? I don’t see a Plini upgrade link there…
All the best,

Plini X is the same as the original version but has several more added features like transpose, doubler, metronome, etc.

Also, the ‘X’ version also means that it will be compatible with the Quad Cortex when the QC firmware gets updated to be able to run plug-ins [“soon”]. All plug-ins will eventually get updated to an ‘X’ version in the future to be compatible.

If you already have an older version of Plini, then Plini X is a free update. Go for it.

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Hi Nicholas,
sorry for my big delay!
Thank you very much for answering, I’ve got Plini X now!
Best wishes,