Soft switch for tuner/tap tempo selection - Instant tuner option

There are zero unintended negative consequences because it doesn’t change anything for those who don’t want it. There’s absolutely no need for all these workarounds when all we’re asking for is literally to use the onboard tuner like all other units allow. Why would I want to use an entire space on a very limited pedalboard plus extra routing when the QC has a tuner already? Just to save NDSP the time to develop a feature such as this so they can move on to more “important” requests? For whatever reason, people are vehemently against NDSP spending time doing anything but what they specifically want. Don’t want it, don’t vote for it :woman_shrugging:


if u all have to tune right in the middle of songs maybe its time to get some better guitars or go to a luthier, i never had to tune in the middle of a song, maybe in the middle of a gig…the switch are ok the way they are, maybe just a lil too close but we can deal with that i suppose! the things that kills me its the bpm giant screen when we tap tempo :smiling_face_with_tear: remoove it please :smile:

Not sure what your comment is supposed to archive. Like mentioned above, if you don’t need that option, that’s ok. You don’t have to.
However there are many reasons for this. Mine for example are, that I never use the BPM switch ever. So having to press longer to access the tuner is simply annoying at times.
Also because I always need an instant off/mute switch, this would serve this purpose as well, which right now another footswitch has to be programmed to.

bump - QC tuner seems to work really well when you stum it a lot, so the only thing I am really missing is this feature.

+1 from me! I use different kind of open tunings when playing live, this two sec delay is my only gripe with QC so far!

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I get the idea but I use tap tempo constantly. And I also use the tuner. It is perfect as is for me. As long as the option is there to keep it I would be fine. If it was changed I would be pretty upset. It works pretty much like other devices I have used. We have up to four modeling units in stage at a time and we all use tap tempo.

And it’s funny because I get annoyed because the tuner pops up too quick sometimes. Funny we are all so different.

agreed I need instant tuner as well


you would be able to set it to instant tuner if you wanted in the app. Default would be as it is now.

BTW this happened to me last night at a gig - accidentally hitting tap view when I needed to re-drop tune in between songs. I had to literally get down and deactivate it with my hands and then get back to the tuner in time to tune. It’s so easy to do that by accident as it is now

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I really want the option to be able to turn off the tempo screen while tapping. I small window like the cpu usage window would be just perfect. Pretty often I tap the tempo just before going into a solo and being forced to wait for the tempo screen to go away is a bummer.


I agree that the tuner/tap tempo isn’t perfect. My opinions all come as a comparison to the Kemper Stage as that is my live setup. I love that the Kemper uses a single press of a button at the upper right to engage the tuner. It’s immediate and it’s out of the way, which avoids that embarrassing possibility of accidentally muting yourself during a song. I’d like to move the tuner to a single press of the bank up button on the QC and make bank up a long-press. We give up some real estate with the QC in exchange for being more compact. The other thing I find really useful on the Kemper Stage is that the tuner LEDs are on ALL the time, so if you think you have a string out of tune you can sneak a quick pluck of a note on that string while playing and see if it’s off. I think the only way that is going to happen with a QC is an external tuner not in the signal chain.

I guess we all have to make a decision about whether we can live without some features our current rig has for the benefits the QC offers. For me, I can’t switch from the Kemper Stage for live use until Hybrid Mode and independent output volumes get here with CoreOS 2.0. There is no question I have the QC sounding better than the Kemper, but I’m so used to the Kemper I just can’t switch for live performances, yet and the tuner is one of those issues albeit a minor one for me compared to others.

One thing that bothers me more than the tuner is that the tap tempo confiscates the entire screen and seems to linger forever. I usually tap the tempo during the count-off of the song and I’d like to see that be just a small window in a corner. That might be a feature you can turn off, but I haven’t checked. I don’t NEED to see the tempo, but I like to see it…just not so big. I mean that is “top line of the eye chart” size font.


Quick tuner option please! Or at least give an option to have a tuner block that can be assigned to a footswitch that operates in the quick fashion, that might be the better option so tap tempo stays as is.


I’d also be totally into a setting that allows for tuner activation when my expression pedal is all the way heel-down…


Also add option for tuner to expression pedal toe up/heel down position. BOSS GT-1000 and Fractal devices have this very useful feature.


Instant tuner… Yes please! I would like options. 1. Switch operation order choice of tap tempo and tuner. 2. A block we can assign to any footswitch. 3. Heel down on expression pedal activates. 4. Always on with small indicator on the top right (or somewhere) on the screen.

Having all these choices would satisfy just about everyone’s needs or work style.


+1 for instant tuner / mute… I never need the tap tempo function in a live setting, so it would be useful to have the option to invert the functionality of the switch or disable tap tempo completely.