Soft switch for tuner/tap tempo selection - Instant tuner option

There are zero unintended negative consequences because it doesn’t change anything for those who don’t want it. There’s absolutely no need for all these workarounds when all we’re asking for is literally to use the onboard tuner like all other units allow. Why would I want to use an entire space on a very limited pedalboard plus extra routing when the QC has a tuner already? Just to save NDSP the time to develop a feature such as this so they can move on to more “important” requests? For whatever reason, people are vehemently against NDSP spending time doing anything but what they specifically want. Don’t want it, don’t vote for it :woman_shrugging:

if u all have to tune right in the middle of songs maybe its time to get some better guitars or go to a luthier, i never had to tune in the middle of a song, maybe in the middle of a gig…the switch are ok the way they are, maybe just a lil too close but we can deal with that i suppose! the things that kills me its the bpm giant screen when we tap tempo :smiling_face_with_tear: remoove it please :smile:

Not sure what your comment is supposed to archive. Like mentioned above, if you don’t need that option, that’s ok. You don’t have to.
However there are many reasons for this. Mine for example are, that I never use the BPM switch ever. So having to press longer to access the tuner is simply annoying at times.
Also because I always need an instant off/mute switch, this would serve this purpose as well, which right now another footswitch has to be programmed to.