Configure Tap button as 9th stomp switch?

I use the MIDI in for my clock and it would be great if we could configure the tap button as a ninth stomp switch.

Is this something that could be an option in the future? I’d still want to be able to hold the switch to access the tuner.

I’m surprised more people don’t think this could be helpful.

Yeah why not. Tap tempo is a bit useless for me as well. I would rather have option to press (not hold) it to access the tuner for example.

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As long as it was a configurable option, I would vote for it. But sadly, I am maxed out on votes :wink:

Thanks. I’m always hoping suggestions like these are options that the user can turn off/on. No request is needed by everyone, but the more features the unit has, the better it is for everyone. AND, while a person may not need this request now, he or she might down the line if their rig changes up.