Slight signal coming through with no volume off

hi all - all of the captures I’ve been trying [my own and factory ones] all only go down to -24db - which means there’s a slight signal coming through - is there any way around this ? - ie no signal whatsoever , the amp settings go down much more than that which cuts the signal - Ive noticed there’s also a very slight signal if you have another line in the grid with input and output off and nothing in it ! - anyone else having these problems ?

I don’t think the gain in the captures is intended to go to zero, but more as a gain adjustment possibility. You can use other blocks if you want to control the volume or get even less input signal to the capture block.

If you got an empty signal path/line the QC pass through the input signal to the output, if you have selected both input and outputs to some “active” source/reciever,

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thanks for reply - I found that I could use a gain block out of the toolbox and put it last in the chain and that reduces signal to zero