Signal still coming through with gain on amp capture all the way down

I found a matchless neural capture I really like and I have my expression pedal mapped to the gain parameter. The lowest the gain goes down to is -24 but even then I still have guitar signal coming through with my expression pedal all the way down. This is problematic because I play with a lot of volume swelling techniques which needs to have 0 signal with the heel all the way down. I don’t want to map to the volume parameter because I need the gain the change musically as I play at different levels.

Any solutions?

Map a gate or another volume from an Eq or something to the same expression. Also check your signa splits or other outputs if applicable …. other paths in your chain may be going to an output prior to the -24db cut


Thanks for the idea! I ended up finding a work around by putting a utility gate after the amp and using the expression pedal to inverse adjust the threshold & attack so when the pedal is all the way down it’s a slow attack with lower threshold and as increase the expression pedal the attack and threshold decrease /shorten all the way.