Sitar simulator

can QC put sitar simulator for next update?

because only boss gt 1000 and gt 1000 core have sitar simulator.

and i search at cortex app, the sitar sound not good enough :partying_face:.

Follow the following recommendation, it might get you closer than you think to what you need right now. Hope it helps!

  1. Choose the right amp model: Start with a clean and bright amp model as a base for your sitar sound.

  2. Add a pitch shifter effect: Look for a pitch shifter effect in the Quad Cortex’s effects library. Set the pitch shifter to raise the pitch by the desired interval, like a perfect fourth or fifth, to emulate the drone strings of a sitar.

  3. Experiment with pitch modulation: Explore the pitch modulation parameters available in the pitch shifter effect. Slight pitch fluctuations can help add realism and character to the sitar emulation.

EQ settings:

  1. Boost Upper Midrange: Increase the frequency bands around 1kHz to 2kHz to enhance the sitar’s characteristic resonance and brightness. Try increasing the gain by a few decibels in this range.

  2. Tame the Low End: Reduce the bass frequencies to avoid muddiness and to emulate the focused, bright sound of a sitar. Cutting the frequencies below 100Hz or so can help achieve this.

  3. Cut Unwanted Frequencies: Identify any harsh or unwanted frequencies in the midrange, and slightly reduce their gain to smooth out the overall tone.

  4. Tweak the Presence: Depending on the amp model and your specific settings, adjusting the presence control can add or reduce the high-frequency presence of the sound. Experiment with it to find the right balance.

Remember that these settings are a starting point, and the ideal EQ settings may vary based on your guitar, amp model, and personal preferences.

  1. Add subtle modulation effects: Consider adding some subtle chorus or phaser effects to replicate the sitar’s shimmering sound.

  2. Adjust to taste: Tweak the settings and experiment with different combinations until you achieve a sitar-like sound that suits your preferences.

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Not a pure sitar…but…
Oriental! :smile:
I love experimenting with qc, and this thread was inspiring
The real trick Is the gate

  1. And experiment with the Foog filter, with that you can get the typical “boing” attack, which is actually the main characteristic of a sitar. :slight_smile:
    I do it like this on “Paint It Black”, almost sounds real. Good enough for a live gig anyway.

thx for your help, but if QC have sitar simulator block, its very simple to get the sitar sound :partying_face:

interesting, can you share your setting? thx

ok, i’ll try…thx for the information :pray:t4:,
but sitar simulator block will answer our problem :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: