Shorter delay time than 7 ms

I’d love to set my delay times as short as 1ms. Currently the minimum value is 7ms.
I’m sure you think I’m crazy, but it’d be great to have precise control when using the Haas effect technique to make a mono signal sound stereo. I use this sort of thing in a DAW all the time, would be great in the QC.

Today I learned there is a thing called haas effect. Sound interesting.

I want this too! :metal::blush:

have you checked all the delay pedals? some might have different minimums? else, you could theoretically create an IR that will do this right?

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This was one of my favorite features of my ADA-MP1’s built-in chorus effect. I set the delay to 0 ms and it was basically like a phased double with no sweep range. I loved it.

Maybe I will experiment trying to capture this effect from my ADA-MP1

a chorus and flanger are essentially delays, with their ranges in ms determining if its a flanger vs chorus vs delay.

maybe you can get what you need from tampering with settings with the other associated time based effects?

below is a url that explains the ms ranges commonly differentiating these types of effects,That’s%20a%20big%20difference.

also read below that section where it refers to a “static chorus”

I believe this is what you are looking for