[Serious] Why cant we just have a proper file management system?

I’m genuinely curious why we have the Cortex Cloud instead of a real file management system? Paid third-party profiles is what made Kemper into the powerhouse that it is today, the QC doesn’t need to copy everything they did… but in this one instance, I truly cannot fathom why they don’t. The Cortex Cloud is in every way inferior to Kemper’s file management system from literally 10 years ago. No one wants to put effort into captures because there is no money, hell even the few captures uploaded by ToneJunkie aren’t that great, which is kinda sad. The app is akin to my hoarder grandmother’s basement. It just a mess of garbage with a couple gems burried so deep, you’ll never find them. I don’t want a capture of an AC30 with broken tubes that Zach threw together in his mom’s basement with a random microphone he found, with setting that only sound “good” on his BC Rich. But thats 99% of what we’re going to get if the Cortex Cloud is the end all be all for file management. A real file management system that allows for third parties to easily sell their captures would be a game changer for the QC, and I genuinely do not understand why that is not the priority of all priorities. The QC’s capture process is so damn good, but it’s hardly being utilized to it’s full potential

Like, seriously, is there some big reason that I am just missing why we have the file management system we have? Is it like a legal thing or something? Or do people really think the garage-sale style app with a social media paint job is actually superior? Hell, maybe I’m missing something here; maybe Im just using the app wrong. Am I? I would be so glad to be proven wrong and find out there is a feature I am missing


So Kemper has a file management system that labels the captures “good” and “bad”?

Like so many things in QC land, I guess it’s in the works.

BTW, the “Purple Plexi” captures that Tone Junkies posted are great. I’d label them “good”! :wink:

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Lol. I was thinking more of a 5-star ranking, but “good/bad” works.

I’m honestly not sure what Kemper does for rankings, but either way, allowing users to rank to captures is way more effective than “popularity” seeing as how easy it would be for popularity to get skewed

Why use captures when the models are so good?

I’ve just finished a second tour using the QC for two guitarists - both using the built in models. We’ve had nothing but compliments about guitar sounds and amazement that it is a modeler.

The band supporting us were also using a QC for guitars that they had borrowed from a big UK band that have just been touring arenas. Both used/use the built in models.

The captures are a great thing to have if you want something really specific, but I honestly just wouldn’t bother. The models sound absolutely awesome.


Experimenting for example.
I use 90% models…
But Yesterday i’ ve tryed the hiwatt preamp into bogner Pa , pushed (official captures) with tele.
What a fuck of tone… Awesome

Sounds like Lil-S would rate that Hiwatt “good”. :laughing:

I’m using mostly models as well. Was using the Plexi model in two presets for a while until I tried Tone Junkie’s Purple Plexi capture. Really smooth and focused with very little of that upper-bass hash that clouds the low end of many Plexi models. I also tried his AC30 capture but prefered the stock model. Doesn’t hurt to sample a few and see what sounds good to you…it’s free…for now.

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Why? I can think of at least 2 reasons.

  1. Control. Neural has demonstrated time and time again that they want to control everything and have their hand in everything. Kind of Luke the Apple model, except that no other similar device restricts its users in this way.

  2. Money. They have long promised, but not delivered, their “marketplace.” They want third parties to only sell captures and presets through their marketplace. I dint know, but I assume they’ll take a cut of the proceeds.

There are a few people/companies that have been making and selling captures. Amalgam Audio is one. They have to deliver them through the Cortex Cloud in a direct one to one setup. Doug claims this is “inelegant.” At least it exists. It will be interesting to see whether these companies join the marketplace when it’s finally available.

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I don’t mind paying for things from people I know and trust. I cannot imagine the time it would take to wade through all the free stuff, good and bad on the Neural Web. It kinda bugs me when I get emails from Worship Tutorials, Tone Junkie, and others and there is nothing for the QC. I do have a great sound I am happy with so nothing is wrong, it’s just that I am left out of trying some nice stuff from people I trust.


The good thing is that unlike my Kemper and ToneX, I really don’t feel the need to buy anything else for the QC. But we’ll see how the “want” goes when the marketplace hits. Lol.


I could not agree more. This is really my only issue with the QC other than it not having a external software editor to control all functions from a PC. The QC has a USB port. I should be able to save my patches, etc. to a PC. The only reason I can think of that QC would have the current system is so that if you want to share any patch from your QC to anyone else, even yourself, Neural gets to have a copy.

Otherwise this is my go to box and I have all the other modelers.

Please QC people, give the people what they want. Thanks!!!

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Yes, at first I thought it was very freeing to not be tethered to a computer. After thinking about it the fact is that you cannot exchange any data without going through Neural’s cloud. So it is the opposite of freeing. It is quite restrictive. The redundancy of being able to move whatever data we want through a computer is superior to me in every way. I also think that we should be able to bypass the WIFI and use our computer instead as well.


Problem with star ratings is who defines what is good/bad, 5 star/1 star? What sounds great to one person may sound awful to another. Example, the other day I was talking to my buddy about Gary Moore’s live tone on a particular video, he loved it and I thought it sounded fizzy and Ireally disliked it, so he’d give it 5 stars, me; 1. Neither of us is right or wrong.


The lack of proper file management is really frustrating. Hopefully cortex control will solve it.

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It is also a massive oversight for the unit to not include an optical out which is pretty standard it seems on most modellers. Some people have better audio interfaces which to use, you have to do another level of A/D conversion.


I see ToneJunkie is gearing up to start selling his QC packs the “inelegant” way. I’m wondering whether they’ve been told Marketplace is still a long time off, if the terms are just too onerous for sellers or if there’s some other reason these 3rd party vendors are going online around the same time.


I just received an email from Worship Tutorials saying as of right now the QC captures are available. They too will be doing it the inelegant way. I trust them so I will purchase a few captures. So you pay for it at their site and you give them your Neural Cloud name and they friend you and send you the purchases. So word must be out that there is no Market Place coming anytime soon.


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ToneJunkie posted the following:

“ I’m still a partner and really beleive the QC is a best in class unit. When they build the marketplace I’m in. I have received no updates from neural since before and I would assume other haven’t heard anything as well.

I don’t pay attention to what other people are doing so I’m not sure WT had a change of heart about selling stuff this way.”