Serious latency issues

Hi, besides being a guitarist I’m an electronic engineer and a sound engineer.

In my last performances, after having created some not too complex presets, I had really difficulty playing due to the excessive latency and I decided to measure it.

I did a series of lab tests regarding Quad Cortex latency and was hugely disappointed. Attached to this email you will find the photos with the results of the tests.

It is inconceivable that by moving the same “capture” from line 1 to line 3 the latency goes from 2.54 ms to 5.22 ms: why? As the complexity of the presets grows, the latency rises to almost 10 ms and this makes it unusable for me as in a “live concert” use the inevitable delays introduced by wireless data transmission systems and digital mixers now present in all shows.

Do you think it is possible to improve this aspect through a firmware update? Or is this latency structural for this machine? I would like to know with the utmost urgency having to organize my rig for the upcoming summer concerts.



Hi @Riccardo and welcome to the community! If you use the search function you will find a few threads regarding latency and what some did to resolve. Feel free to join the conversation here and worst case, always feel free to email, log the issue and work towards a resolution:

@Riccardo Hi Riccardo, you have nailed the (big) problem of this pedal board!

I ran some tests recently. My boss GT-1000 blew it outta the water!

As you can see my main electric preset has 11ms latency. That’s outrageus! My acoustic preset is more acceptable.
My main GT-1000 preset has 1.5ms!
Even my GT-1000 running a crunch amp with delay and reverbs and various other blocks has less latency than the QC with absolutely no blocks on the grid at all. This is pretty unacceptable. I hope they can address this with firmware…

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@PydnA exact !! I have the same problem and I reported it already for a month! but the neural does not say anything!! I hope for them that they have solved it with the new firmware otherwise I will be forced to sell the QC! it’s shameful I bought this pedalboard 2 months ago and I can’t use it! write to support too! let’s make ourselves heard!!

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Yeah sellling it is definitely solid option right now. Im on a set break right now first time using it with a glxd16 which adds another 4.3ms and the latency is noticeable on my fast lines and its really irritating. Same with funk rymthms. Its like im detached from the equipment… back to the trusty old boss gt-1000

@PydnA did you write it to support? did you report the latency problem?

No I havent. I guess i should

@PydnA yes man! it’s the only way to let us hear from them!!I’ve done this by urging to fix the problem several times! the more we report the better! many of my friends have encountered the same problem!

have you guys voted on the Feature Requests that deal with QC latency?
This is the proven method for getting results from NDSP-
if you haven’t voted to raise awareness of those requests, you might want to consider it.
They seem to be giving priority to issues/features that get the most votes.


As mentioned, this has been discussed pretty extensively in my thread (Low Latency Mode (and power mode?) for QC - #47 by NYdeathgrind). Give it a vote? :grin:

The new update has seen some improvement on the latency front, but I hope the qc can go even lower, as latency is a huuuge factor in the feel for me (and maybe some others, haha).