Separate EQ/High & Low cut controls for each different output

One feature I really think would prove very useful would be to have separate EQ for each one of the outputs (in the I/O settings).

I really found it a valuable feature on the KPA where I could have my already studio/recording-tested guitar tone sent straight to FOH via XLR outputs with no additional EQ and also to my personal FRFR cab via the MONITOR OUT output (this one with an high cut block to help taming the excessive highs of the cab).

Of course it could be done “manually” by splitting the signal to 2 different outputs and then adding an EQ block only at the end of the chain for the monitor output.
However, if you have a preset that uses both rows 3 and 4 (like using 2 reverbs/other blocks in parallel) then you could not split the signal to 2 different outputs thus forcing you to only add one EQ block that would then affect the overall tone (acting like a global EQ).

I hope the guys was thinking about this lack of feature…

GlobalEQ save my life on FM3 … hope they implement it soon on each OUTPUT …