Custom stereo/mono Multi-Out

We currently have a stereo multi-out that groups out1/2 (stereo) + out3/4 (stereo) + usb3/4 (stereo).

Imagine a customizable stereo/mono multi-out.

The advantage would be being able to freely combine the existing stereo and mono outputs without wasting grid space with dedicated splitters.

Configuration examples:

  • out1/2 (stereo) + out3/4 (stereo) + usb3/4 (stereo)
  • out1/2 (stereo) + out3 (mono)
  • out1 (mono) + out3 (mono) + usb3 (mono)
  • out1 (mono) + out2 (mono) + out3 (mono) + out4 (mono) +usb3/4 (stereo)
  • …and so on…

Furthermore, the custom multi-out could be easily and quickly modified depending on the venue and connected devices, immediatly affecting all presets using it.

Yes! Custom output options would be awesome. My band sometimes playes VERY small stages, and when we do both guitar players, and myself (bass) run through the qc. I would love to use output 1 to PA and output 3 to my PS&Cab. Guitars go out through send 1/2, but since the qc routing will not allow me to get my entire signal chain to separate outputs (part from multi out) I have to use a splitter and XO from xlr to jack.


i think this duplicates this request Multiple input/output selection


thanks David, I’m moving my vote

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