Send 1 also sends the Capture Out signal (and why this is cool)

I think I found a really nice workflow for creating and testing captures.

I shared my preset “Capture Tester JZ” on the cloud (user JZ1978).
This preset allows you to leave all your wires hooked up as described below and quickly move from testing a device you want to capture (while also listening to an IR in the signal chain) to actually making the capture.

Input 1 = the output from the thing you are capturing
Send 1 = the input from the thing you are capturing
Return 1 = Your guitar/bass

I noticed that the capture procedure works with this configuation. You do not need to plug your (for example) distortion pedal’s input into the “capture out” of the QC. The capture procedure works just fine if you use “Send 1” to plug into the input of your distortion pedal/amp/whatever. Since this works, I built a preset that allows you to demo your distortion pedal in an FX loop with an IR placed afterwards. Then, I have a scene change that will disable the FX loop and simply play your capture after its been made and plays it through the exact same IR in a different cell, so you can compare the two.

Scene A or E (the two buttons on the left) = physical loop +IR
Scene B or F (the next two buttons) = the capture + IR

The usefulness of this is 2 things:

1- you can listen to your distortion pedal (or whatever you are trying to caputre) in your FX loop with an IR after it so you can see how its actually gonna sound after youre done capturing when you would normally add an IR afterwards.

2- you can leave your cables hooked up in the same place the entire time.

You also get a nice Diezel VH-4 pedal caputre (placeholder example capture that you would replace with your capture when its done) and a great sounding IR for your troubles!

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Nice piece of research! :slight_smile:

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