Selection of Scene/Preset before QC Changes Sound

The Kemper has a feature where if you go to select a new patch via the remote when using perform mode, it will flash the available presets on the remote allowing you to select exactly which preset in a bank you would like. While this is happening, you’re able to still play the Kemper with the currently selected sound and it only changes when you hit a foot switch.

The QC is currently unable to do something like this and when switching scene presets, it flips right into the next one with a press of the Up or down arrows (and goes directly to whatever scene you’ve saved). It would be nice to have the QC allow me to select whichever scene/preset in a bank I wanted by allowing me to see exactly what my options are and then selecting what I want, which at that point the QC would switch to the selected sound

This would be a VERY welcomed function for those of us that use the QC onstage.

This would be great. You wouldn’t even need a paper setlist on stage. If you put the presets in order and bank up you would see the next song before selecting the scene you want.

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