Secondery footswitch press

secondery press on same footswitch doesn’t do anything, that’s a wast of functionality!
Secondery press could be lots of stuff, like kemper “morph”, or any other change to the specific rig.

It has been mentioned here before but you’re exactly right, I couldn’t agree more!

Kemper Morphs, and similarly, AX8 toggles between Scene 1/2 - both really useful for toggling between a Clean and Dirty, or a Rhythm and Lead… Scene with FX On/Off… there’s a multitude of applications.


I’d like to see NDSP take a page from Fractal’s book (well, lots of pages, honestly) and let you fully customize how the foot switches behave, from tap toggle/select functionality and hold toggle/select, to combining foo switches for additional functionality, and other things I can’t even imagine.


Voted! I’ve gotten used to ‘second press, return to previous preset’ on my setup.

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