Saving multiple input levels?

Hi, I’m French se please excuse my typos…

I will receive my QC tomorrow but I just discover in YT video that’s not possible to save different guitars input level?!

Is this something the new awaited firmware will give?

I own a Boss GX-100 which cost 3 times less but have this useful features…

I have 3 totally different guitars that do not have at all the same output level :frowning:


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Thanks :pray:
I read the post and what I understand is this not possible yet… too bad

hopefully it’s a feature they’ll add- it has a LOT of votes already.

For now, you could add a gain block to presets and adjust it and save copies. You could either make multiple versions of presets for specific guitars, or put multiple gain blocks in 1 preset and toggle them on or off depending on which guitar you use.

This is feature request already added as noted by @xush.