Saving captures to Cortex Cloud

How do you save your own captures to Cortex Cloud? Thank you

Hi JCG77! Welcome to the forum!
It’s pretty easy actually, once you have made your capture etc., just long press and drag it to the cloud just like a preset etc. From there you can use the app or web based cloud and share and or make public etc .

Hope that helps!

Thank you! So basically accomplish a long press on the capture I’ve created in my QC and drag it to the Cloud, within the Quad Cortex, to the ‘My Captures’ folder? I did try this and all that happened was the I saw the ‘delete’, ‘cut’ and ‘copy’ commands…when I tried using eth copy command nothing moved over. I appreciate your assistance!

No worries, glad to help! You should go into your directory on the QC, find your new capture in your ‘My Captures’ folder then long press the capture until the blue ‘Copy to Cloud’ pops up (about 1s) then drag it to the that pop-up. Once it copies to the cloud, use the app or web based cloud and there you can share or make public etc.

Incidentally, if you slide your finger to the left while long pressing the capture name, you will get the delete, cut/copy menu etc., you don’t want that, just press and drag your capture to the cloud pop-up.

Thanks again, I will try this…I appreciate the assistance!

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